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Catherine R Colgan, Photographer

36 Public Square, Willoughby, Ohio 44094

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Phone : 440.813.6211

About Me

~My name is Catherine...friends call me Cathy...but I've always wanted to be called Kate (nobody calls me Kate).

~I have terrible selfie-taking skills (see photo to the left? terrible!).

~I am a fulltime attorney with the Ashtabula County Prosecutor's Office.

~I am beginning to take on more portrait work. I now have a studio at 36 Public Square, Willoughby, Ohio!

~I understand the usefulness of cell phones, text messages, and email, and am not afraid to use them. But in-person conversation...that's where the good stuff is.

~I enjoy a sarcastic sense of humor.

~I used to work in television news (first with WTHI in Terre Haute, IN and then with WEWS in Cleveland, OH).

~I spend far too much time on social media...I'm probably rotting my brain cells...but I thrive on information about the world.

~I have five dogs, three cats, two horses, and two sons on a little farm in Geneva, Ohio.

~I've been married for more than 20 years to the most patient man in the world. No seriously...

~I am a HUGE Cleveland (everything) fan. Theater, museums, restaurants, outdoor activities, sports. LOVE Cleveland!

~I believe in the human spirit and the power of love and friendship.

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