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Catherine R Colgan, Photographer

36 Public Square, Willoughby, Ohio 44094

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Phone : 440.813.6211

About Me

~I am a full-time attorney with the Ashtabula County Prosecutor's Office. So my photography business runs (for the most part) on evenings and weekends.

~I used to work in television news (first with WTHI in Terre Haute, IN and then with WEWS in Cleveland, OH).

~Home is a little farmette in Geneva, Ohio with five dogs, four cats, two horses, two sons, a husband, and at least one barn cat we call Evil Toni.

~I am a HUGE Cleveland (everything) fan. Theater, museums, restaurants, outdoor activities, sports.

~I'm an even bigger fan of the laid back life outside of Cleveland. Beaches, ice cream shoppes (spelled with two p's and an e), bike paths, wineries, and community concerts.

~I understand the usefulness of cell phones, text messages, and email, and am not afraid to use them. But in-person conversation...that's where the good stuff is. Just be warned that I'm socially awkward when I first meet people.

~I enjoy a sarcastic sense of humor.

~I believe in the human spirit and the magic of love and friendship. This translates to my photography. The inanimate details are nice (and I certainly photograph them)...but my focus is on capturing people's emotions and relationships. You're probably not going to ever search for that photo of your wedding shoes...but the photo of your grandparents is a priceless treasure.

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